Vini calabresi d'eccellenza 2012-2013-2014-2015


Caparra and Siciliani, two families with an ancient agrarian tradition, producers of wine since the 19th century decide in 1963 to establish the " Caparra & Siciliani" firm that acts exclusively in the sectors of "Cirò" and " Cirò Classico" using grapes only  from its partners’ vineyards that extend to over 213 hectares.

The "Caparra & Siciliani " firm has a modern winery with a capacity of 31000 hectolitres divided into 110   wine vessels distributed on three levels, as well as 150 "Allier" oak casts. The firm pays particularly attention to the bottling process as well as during  the selection of the grapes , selection made with professionalism and competence.  The whole process is overseen by Dr. Fabrizio Ciufoli, one of Italy's greatest wine experts.

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