Vini calabresi d'eccellenza 2012-2013-2014-2015

Along the Ionic coast of Calabria, in the province of Crotone, among vineyards ,age-old olive-groves and millennial ruins, we find  the towns of Cirò and Cirò Marina. Founded in May 1952, they were once one community, important both historically and culturally  thanks to their ancient origin and their wonderful civilization .

The towns in Cirò's  district, where the sun forever shines, are rich in water with flatlands that move towards the sea and  bound gently with the small hills surrounding the cities .

They take advantage out of this very fortunate geographical position which is most favourable for vine's prosperity for its cultivation and for the production of wine from its fruit.

mastrogiurato volvito solagi rosso superiore rosso formelle insidia rosato curiale bianco